Gtelsoft AppCore

Gtelsoft AppCore

Gtelsoft Application Core (AppCore) is an application as well as a low code platform researched and developed by Gtelsoft which allows us to easily create management software quickly by clicking and configuring without additional codes. When creating enterprise applications, it takes a lot of time to look at the company processes and try to fully understand the business requirements and then to develop the software. The AppCore will simplify it by creating the application together with the company when getting the requirements.

The AppCore also empowers us to adapt to the requirement changes with ease. The engine of the AppCore can run in real time which means any changes on the views can be applied and seen right away without rebuilding the app.

The AppCore will allow to scale your software as the growth of your company. You don’t need to develop a new app when the old one can’t support growth.

Software created by the AppCore supports multi types of updated authentication modes such as Forms, Windows Active Directory, SAML SSO, ADFS.
Software development normally takes months and years to complete but now with the AppCore the development time will be hours and days.

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