Gtelsoft Appcore Low-code Platform

The platform to create multiple apps of your business into one integrated cloud solution

Business automation

Automating any business idea in minutes

Rapid development

Enabling customers without technical backgrounds to develop apps and can help speed time to develop

Increase productivity

Bridging the gap between IT and business teams so that both can solve real issues that impact the company

Lower barrier to entry

Lowering cost and time to deployment. You no longer need expert coders for full development

About Us

Gtelsoft Appcore Low-code Platform is for your business growth

Gtelsoft provides total solutions to help enterprises in digital transformation. We specialize in developing a low code platform which allows us to provide tailored software on web and mobile apps to meet all business models in a very short time.

Our solution will rapidly enable enterprises to deliver the value to customers. The Appcore platform also provides an easy tool to automate operations of any changes in the enterprise business model

Why low-code?

After many years of deploying and implementing software solutions for enterprises in the traditional way, we have faced a lot of problems in customizing a software to meet all the needs of multi types of enterprises. This task takes a lot of efforts and money for us as well as customers.Here are the Low-code benefits

  • Quick development and Faster transformation
  • Change easily and Reduce costs
  • Better customer experience
  • Greater productivity

The Gtelsoft Appcore Low-code Platform allows us to flexibly configure and customize an application quickly and easily bring an unified software solution to the small and medium enterprises. The platform also helps to build a tailor-made software in a quick period of time that you cannot imagine

Gtelsoft Appcore Low-code Platform

Gtelsoft Application Core (AppCore) is an application as well as a low code platform researched and developed by Gtelsoft which allows us to easily create software quickly by clicking and configuring without additional codes. When building enterprise applications, it takes a lot of time to look at the company processes and try to fully understand the business requirements and then to develop the software. The platform will simplify it by creating the application together with the company when getting the requirements.

The platform also empowers us to adapt to the requirement changes with ease. The engine can run in real time which means any changes on the views can be applied and seen right away without rebuilding the app.

The platform will allow to scale your software as the growth of your company. You don’t need to develop a new app when the old one can’t support growth.

Are you looking for a specific managenent system for your company?

You are looking for a specific managenent system for your company but you can NOT find any solution in the market?. Please let us know, we will help you to build it quickly with our platform in the shortest time that you can hardly imagine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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